rose teddy bear red

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rose teddy bear red 40 CM

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Love Rose Bear

Rose teddy bear red

will give a lot of positive emotions to a loved one! . Teddy Bear remains the favorite of kids and girls and after 20 years. Each bear is created from 3D flowers, designed by using more than 500 innovative latex roses. Colored latex is a fairly new material that does not cause allergies. The products underwent full dermatological control, as evidenced by certificates of quality and conformity of the European sample. In our shop you can buy a teddy bear rose in red and pink . Teddy Bear not only pleases the eye, but also gives a pleasant tactile sensations. Warm, pleasant when touched velvety latex, pleases no worse than a plush miracle. Foamirang bear – a souvenir that has many advantages over ordinary soft toys, we list some of them: original and impeccable appearance; 100% handmade; latex material safe for health; the toy retains its shape for many years; simplicity in care of a souvenir. Dimensions: Height – 35 cm .


αρκούδος με τριαντάφυλλα 3D


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